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We are not responsible for the content or services provided by external websites. Although the long sandy beaches in the Marausa Lido resort have everything you need for your holiday in Trapani - we appreciate that some of you might want to go swimming after a some sightseeing or shopping in Trapani itself. Accordingly, this page contains details of each beach in the city of Trapani. There is a helpful location map on the right, together with photographs of each Trapani beach and a short description. Lido San Giuliano Beach, Trapani Lido San Giuliano is the longest beach in Trapani city centre and has an excellent range of bars and sporting facilities - making it a an attractive destination for activity-led visitors. Windsurfing and surfing are popular. But this Trapani beach is also famous for its large coral reefs and scuba diving can be easily arranged through hotels and diving shops. Sailing and fishing trips can be easily organised by any of the tour operators close to the beach. Car parking charges. Although the majority of the beach is free to use, there are a few lido-bars which charge for umbrellas and sunloungers. The oldest of these is Lido Valenti - serving Trapani’s tourists and swimmers since 1929! Litoranea Beach, Trapani This beach in Trapani is a little bit closer to the centre of the city than San Giuliano and mostly free, with shallow waters allowing for safe bathing. Easy access for via a footpath also very popular with circuit joggers. Close to bars and restaurants. Car parking charges. Mura di Tramontana Beach A free beach accessed via Porta Ossuna. This beach is located alongside the ancient walls of Trapani on the north side of the city. Safe waters and quieter than Lido San Giuliano beach. Car parking charges. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Beach Located in front of the homonymous square, this Trapani beach features a large expanse of sand with free admission. Popular with residents in the centre of Trapani. Car parking charges. Unlike these beaches in Trapani city centre, the beaches in Lido Marausa have a lot more space for visitors to spread out on, play beach games and promenade. Lido Marausa is the city of Trapani’s largest beach resort and is set 9km (5 miles) away from the confusion and noise of city life. The coastal road is lined with palm trees and unlike Trapani, you can hire speedboats, take windsurfing lessons and escape the crowds - even on busy days. Over 80% of the beaches in Trapani resort are free to use and the typical summer climate means that they are used from May through to October by locals and tourists alike. When local people head to the beach, they don’t go to the crowded tourist beaches in Trapani - instead they head to Lido Marausa and the best beaches in Trapani! Your Advert Here? Contact Us Advertise here and... Tell Ryanair Your Advert Here? Contact Us San Giuliano Beach in Trapani San Giuliano Beach in Trapani San Giuliano Beach in Trapani San Giuliano Beach in Trapani Mura di Tramontana Beach in Trapani Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Beach in Trapani Litoranea Beach in Trapani Map of Beaches in Trapani Click to enlarge the map of the beaches in Trapani city centre © 2011 Copyright LidoMarausa.com  All rights reserved. Map of all the beaches in Trapani city Lido Paradiso Beach A private beach which you pay to enter. This is a small artificial cove made from the old fishing hardour defences. There are all the usual refinements of umbrellas, sunloungers, bar, lifeguards and sheltered, shallow water. Car park charges. Torre di Ligny Beach This small intimate beach on the tip of Trapani’s promontory comprises no sand, only large flat rocks. Popular with local resident and relatively well hidden, you wouldn’t really know it existed. No car parking facilities. Lido Paradiso Beach in Trapani Torre di Ligny Beach in Trapani San Giuliano Beach in Trapani ...attract customers San Giuliano Beach in Trapani About your business... here! Tourists Best beaches in Trapani - Trapani’s best beaches - beaches in the centre of Trapani - tourist beaches in Trapani - Trapani beach